About Us | Where did it all begin

Where did it all begin?


A few years back, I was messing around with some left-over wood from a tree job I’d finished ages ago – some nice oak with a lovely grain. I thought it would be fun to make a throne for my then girlfriend (now wife), so she could sit on our new decking and watch the sunset in style.


Some friends came over a few weeks later and admired the throne – could I make one for them, please? And how about benches and maybe a table too?


So that was how Black Dog Bespoke started and grew – an idea and word of mouth.  Soon I was making indoor furniture as well, from reclaimed timber and adding in metal work, which as a Black Country boy gave me a good excuse to work my heritage into each piece I make.


My chunky, Black Country Heritage style works well everywhere. I’ve made bespoke settles and pallet walls for pubs as well as homely kitchen tables and smaller items like serving platters and blackboards.  All from wood that would have gone to waste, but now has a beauty and purpose of its own.


Black Dog Bespoke has grown into a family affair, with my wife Hannah doing the behind the scenes work on our website and social media presence as well as making our shows and events look fabulous.
Our youngest is a bit too young to help yet, but our daughter is a dab hand at quality control – “Daddy, you’ve missed a bit!” and she loves helping me paint and finish, although not on actual pieces for customers, unless they ask for something painted by a three year-old! Yes, we’re that bespoke.


Why Black Dog? My black lab, Eddie, was my best mate for 15 fabulous years and it’s his head we use as our logo.  His daughter, Eve, is a chip off the old block.  She loves chewing off-cuts of wood and getting covered in sawdust, just like her dad, never far from the action whether I’m up a tree or in the workshop.

That’s us, we’re Black Dog Bespoke.  We make furniture, home accessories, design features, one offs and custom decoration.  Every bit is as unique as the tree it came from, or the previous life it had.


Now you’ve heard our story, why not have a look at some of our current items and see what stories you can add to your home?